New senior project manager – Brek Derrick

Brek is a seasoned Senior Project Manager who brings a diverse skill set to e-Spatial with experience in managing project and operational teams, vendor management and managing complex ICT projects.

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New GIS Analyst – Wei Ji Leong

Wei Ji Leong joins e-Spatial as a GIS Analyst in our growing consulting team. A recent graduate, Wei Ji provides a fresh approach to the use of open source technology in developing and delivering solutions for our clients.

Matti’s insights 1: Are you ready for the Augmented Future?

In the first of a series of Blog Posts, e-Spatial’s CIO and Consultant Matti Seikkula looks into the future – an Augumented Future.

Soon, thinking about Technology will be a thing of the past. It will be embedded (augmented) seamlessly into everything we do. IT (Information Technology) will become OT (Operational Technology) – it will happen out of sight, behind the scenes, through interfaces that require no technical understanding.Read More