Ground-breaking coastal inundation tool

Waikato Regional Council launched an online tool to manage the potential impacts of sea level rise scenarios on coastal properties.

“It’s the first time a tool like this has been developed in New Zealand” – Rick Liefting, WRC Senior Regional Hazards Advisor.
Waikato Regional Council collaborated with e-Spatial in the development of this tool. e-Spatial were responsible for developing the back end functionality and front end graphics.

The online tool will allow people to self-select how different degrees of sea level rise may generally affect their coastal areas and individual properties. “Sea level rise is projected in our coastal communities over coming decades and our online tool will be valuable in helping local councils, communities and individual property owners to manage the risk involved. It will also help them make judgments about the risks posed by storm surges and tsunami,” Rick Liefting.

The tool was launched during an online forum held by the Waikato Regional Council to discuss environmental and economic issues in the region, and options for addressing them. You can view the presentation here – the coastal inundation tool discussion is around the 1hr 57min mark.

The actual tool is accessible at