e-Spatial’s team of consultants partner with enterprise and government agencies to maximize the benefit of spatial to their business.

We help you make better decisions in less time to increase productivity, customer service and safety levels.



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What makes us exceptional

  • It’s our quest to find the best fit solution for your business, even if it means challenging the norm- we tell it like it is!
  • We bridge the worlds of business, technology and location intelligence talking your language.
  • 10+ years spatial enterprise experience, learning from the past but open to new technologies where appropriate.
  • We love what we do and delivering successful outcomes for our customers.

Our aim is to

  • Maximise value for money by implementing the ‘right’ solution – regardless of technology
  • Create effective and efficient gains using appropriate standards, policies and procedures for quality, evidence-based, decision making
  • Enable leadership and collaboration through transference of our knowledge to clients and partnering with ‘best of breed’ partners.

We do our thing well, and partner with the best for everything else

Partnering with other ‘best of breed’ organisations, including in-house IT teams, ensures that a successful and effective solution is implemented in alignment with required architecture, applications, databases and business needs.